1-  The Role of ICTs in Promoting Social Capital for Refugees

This research project presents a conceptual framework for understanding the challenges that refugees and asylum seekers face in Australia and the role of ICT in rebuilding their social capital. It has been built based on four studies that involved a mix of contextual inquiry, cultural probes, and participatory design methods. The framework offers implications for technology design, policies, and the theory of social capital. The collective contributions of this research will inform designers of appropriate technologies that support social capital in the refugee and asylum seeker context. It will also inform policymakers to implement policies that affect this demography.

Drwaing activities through PD
Participotry design workshop
Magic machines with refugee through specltive design apporach
Magic device designed by refugees through “magic machine workshop”

2- Understanding the influence of social media in the relationship between refugee parents and their children

Goal: The current project aims to understand how the use of social media affects intergenerational (parent-child) relationships within refugee families.

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